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POPcliQ - Personalized Joomla Training

Contact Name:
Michelle Bisson, associate, marketing
Lévis Bisson, associate, analyste-programmer (B.Sc.A)
849, 15ième rue c.p. 873
Saint-Zacharie (Québec) G0M 2C0
Phone number:


POPcliQ offers bilingual personnalized Joomla training. 10 years experience in offering online, telephone and on location personalized training to help take your Joomla site to the next level or to give training for specific tasks.

Lévis and Michelle Bisson are co-founders of Joomla along with 14 other International Web.


  • Joomla Consulting
  • Joomla Web development
  • Joomla Technical Support
  • Custom Joomla Template Design
  • Joomla Hosting
  • Joomla Training

Working Language(s):

  • English, French

Joomla Professional Experience:

  • Joomla Web development for various clients, see our portfolio on our web site, www.popcliq.com (2005-present)
  • Custom Joomla templates and extensions development (2005-present)
  • Co-founders of the Joomla Canada project (2010) Lévis & Michelle
  • Web development with Mambo Open Source (Joomla was created from this Web application (2003-2005)

Joomla Volunteer Involvement:

  • Co-founders of the Joomla project (2005) Lévis & Michelle along with 14 other international developers
  • Joomla User Group Team : (2009-2010) Michelle
  • Open Source Matters Trademarks Team : (2010) Michelle
  • Joomla Demo Site Team : (2008-2010) Lévis
  • Joomla Core Team : (2005-2009) Lévis & Michelle
  • Joomla Fundraising Team : (2009) Michelle
  • Open Source Matters Capital Committee : (2008-2009) Michelle
  • Joomla Development Team : (2005-2008) Lévis
  • Joomla Shop Team : (2007-2008) Lévis & Michelle
  • Joomla Documentation Team : (2005-2008) Michelle & Lévis
  • Joomla! User Group Toronto Co-founders (2005) Lévis & Michelle

Special Events:

  • PHP Québec Conference : (2009) Conference speaker - Michelle
  • Joomla Core Team Summit in Germany : (2008) Lévis & Michelle
  • JoomlaDay Vancouver : (2008) Conference speakers - Lévis & Michelle
  • LinuxFest Ontario : Joomla booth organizer (2008) Michelle
  • JoomlaDay France : (2008) Conference speaker - Michelle
  • IT 360 Conference & Expo : Joomla booth organizer (2005-2008) Lévis & Michelle
  • Joomla Core Team Summit at Google Headquarters : (2007) Lévis & Michelle

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