User Manager

Can I limit certain users to editing only assigned articles?

see: Joomla 3 Tutorial - Lesson 08 - Administrator  Youtube:  5:20


How to I create a new user?

In the Joomla Administrator

  • Go to  the menu item 'User' > 'User Manager' > 'Add New User'.

Fill out the form

On the 'Account Detail' tab

  • Type the 'Name' of user 
  • Type the 'User Name' (Do not use 'admin' or variations for security reasons.)
  • Type in a very hard password.  Weak passwords are one of the main reason sites get hacked.  We recommend
    • 11 charactors with no words and a mixture of capital & small letters, numbers & symbols

On the 'Assign User Group' tab

  • Choose the level of access for this user? The most popular access levels are:
    • 'Registered' for front-end login to access password protected sections of your site or
    • 'Administrator' if you wish for the user to manage the website.

Click the button 'Save & Close'

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