Contact Manager

What is the purpose of the Contact Manager?

The Contact component permits you to set up contact forms so people can communicate with you.

How do I create a Contact Page?

Joomla has a default component that allows you to create your contact page with just few clicks.  

  • Login your Administrator section and go to Components -> Contacts.
  • Click the green  'New' button to create a new 'Contact' page.
  • Type in the person's name

'New Contact' Tab:

  • Fill in form with the contact info as needed such as,  Name, Position (Job title), Email, Address, City, Province,  Postal Code, Telephone, Mobile, & Website.  Enter only the information you wish to publish on your site.
  • Click on the 'Select' image button to publish the Contact's image (if desired).  You will be able to select an image from the 'Media Manager'.



'Miscellaneous Information' Tab

Here you can enter any additional information about the contact such as a bio.  

'Publishing' Tab

By default, if this form is not filled in, Joomla will automatically fill in the start publishing date & creation dates

How do I integrate a Contact Form into my Contact page?

You can create 'Contact Form(s)' so your visitors can send emails to your company / organization or to specific departments or persons.

The advantage of integrating a 'Contact Form' directly into your 'Contact Page' is that you do not need to disclose your email address publically on your 'Contact' page. This is to prevent the easy harvest of your email address(es) by Internet pirates.  Using a form with a 'Capcha' code furthur limits receiving unwanted emails 'SPAM' by automatic scripts from Internet pirates.

To integrate a 'Contact Form' into your 'Contact' page, 

  • Go to Components > Contacts > Contacts (Contact Manager: Contacts)
  • Select a contact that you wish to integrate a form .


In the 'Contact' tab...

  • Add the email address to recieve messages from the form so that your form will work and send an email to this address.  See below if you do not want this address to be make public on your site.


In the 'Display' tab,..

  • Select 'Global'or 'Hide' for the  'Email' option.  We recommend not publishing your actual email address on your website for security reasons.


In the  'Form' tab....

  • 'Show Contact Form' option - Select 'Show' .  This will publish your form on your 'Contact' page.
  • 'Send Copy to Submitter' - Select  'Show' . This option will send a copy of the 'Sent' email to the submitter of the email.

 Global Options can be configured in the Contact Manager after clicking on the 'Options' button on the top right of your screen. This is useful if you wish all your contacts to have the same settings by default. 

Do I need Contact Categories?

You can organize your 'Contact' forms in categories. By default, Joomla has one Contact category, 'Uncategorized'. You can can use this one (or rename it) if you only need one or a few contacts .

If you have several or many 'Contact' pages or forms, you can organize them into a few or several categories (as needed).

How do I create a 'Contact Category'?

  • Go to the 'Components' menu > Contacts > Categories.
  • Select the green 'New' button on the top left to create a new category.
  • Give your category a 'Title'. The 'Alias' will be created by Joomla upon saving based upon your title.  It is possible to create another alias name if desired.
  • Write a description for your category if needed.  In many cases this is not needed. This description can be published on your site or kept unpublished for administrative purposes.  See Article options in your Administrator to select this option.
  • Select a 'Parent' category on the right sidebar.  You can have subcategories if needed.
  • Click the 'Save & Close' button to save your category.
  • Create as many categories and subcategories as needed.  If you have a large directory of contacts this feature will be very useful to organize your directory.

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