Article Manager

What is the Article Manager?

The 'Article Manager' is a component in Joomla that allows you to create articles. Articles are the key component of your web site. Most websites are focused on the articles or main content such as text and images.  They can be in the format of blog articles, news articles or general content articles etc...  Other types of content such as images & image galleries, contact pages etc... can be integrated into articles.

To locate the 'Article Manager' go to the menu item 'Content' > 'Article Manager'.  You can then create new articles or edit existing articles.

How do I edit an article?

faq-article-manager-edit-article-introTo Edit an existing article

  • go to your Joomla Administrator (back end)
  • go to the horizontal menu "Content  > Article Manager" and click on the title of the article or click the article's check box and then click the "Edit" button in the Toolbar.

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How do I create a new article?

faq-article-manager-add-article-01-introTo create a new a new article

  • go to your Joomla Administrator (back end)
  • go to the horizontal menu "Content > Article Manager > Add New Article"
  • add a title
  • add some content in the editora
  • click "Save" or "Save & Close" buttons to save a your work.




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What are Featured Articles?

'Featured Articles' are articles that show up on your home page.  You are not limited to featuring only one article. You can feature as many articles as you want.   When you have more than one 'Featured Article' you usually present in it a blog like layout with an 'Intro' text and a 'Read More' button linking to the rest of the article on another page.  This is to save space on your home page by displaying several 'Intro' articles taking less space then several complete articles on your home page.

How do I Feature an article on my Home page?

There are three ways to make an article a 'Featured Article' :

The first way is directly within editing mode of an article.

  • Go to the 'Article Manager: Edit Article' view
  • Make sure that you are on the 'Content' tab view
  • Select  the 'Yes' button under the 'Featured' heading on the very right of your screen

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How do I change the layout of my Featured Articles?

On your home page, you can change the layout of your 'Featured Articles'.

You can set one or more columns for your articles.  You can also have your main article as full screen (if you wish) with your additional articles in one or more columns.

Single column: Each article is published one after another in a single column

Two or more columns: The main article is usually shown across the whole page at the top (but doesn't have to be and the subsequent articles are shown in two  or more columns below depending how you configured your 'Featured Articles'.

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How do I change the order of my Featured Articles on my Home page?

After 'Refreshing' your 'Home' page you see that your articles are not in the order that you wish to present them.

  • Go to  the 'Content' > 'Feature Articles' menu.

Or if you are already in the 'Article Manager' screen,

  • Click the 'Featured Article' menu item on the left column.

You will see the list of all your 'Featured Articles'. 

  • Click the 'Ordering' column title.
  • Click the 'Arrow' buttons to move an article up or down. (or)
  • Type the numbers in the order you wish to present your articles.
  • Click on the 'Save Order' button (the one with the arrows) at the top of this column to save the order you have choosen.

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